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    About us

    We are a family business in the Supermarket and Distribution industry with a 40-year history, from the 1980s and now in the second generation. Started at that time, called "Guaraní Supermarket" until 2007 and later, "Althega S.A." until today.
    The new Online Supermarket "Todo Chaco" was created in 2020, which is an arm of the company "Althega SA", adding a new method, where the customer can make purchases in the Supermarket online from home with a cover of all the Paraguayan Chaco.
    Our goal is to serve you with guaranteed care and with stable market prices.
    You will find us in the center of the City of Loma Plata, Chaco Central, on Central Avenue, next to the Chortitzer Cooperative.

    Telephones: 0492 253 129/021 237 6947/0981 201 901/0986 478 937/0982 930 869